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Burglary Prevention Letter

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Message from Detective Inspector Richard Metcalfe - Harrow Burglary Squad





Message from Detective Inspector Richard Metcalfe - Harrow Burglary Squad


We have seen a significant and worrying increase in burglaries in Harrow in recent weeks. 

 Most burglars are opportunists and we are asking for your help to beat the burglar.


Please take time to read the following crime prevention advice and share this message with your family, friends and colleagues.


Most burglars gain entry through the front door. UPVC doors are a vulnerable entry point; to reduce the risks please follow these simple rules:


1 - Lift the handle

2 - Turn the key

3 - Remove the key

4 - Store the key safely away from the front door.


Failure to do this means burglars can enter your home silently and quickly leading to distress and insecurity, especially as many of these burglaries occur during night time.


Open windows - Make sure that all windows are shut and locked when you leave your house, even if you are only popping out for five minutes. If you are working in your garden, please make sure that all windows at the front of your house are shut and locked. When you go to bed at night make sure all downstairs windows are shut and locked.


For a more comprehensive guide to crime prevention please go to Harrow police website:


Or speak to your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team to arrange for free crime prevention advice.


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